Nutritional therapy is a science-based service using food to support the body's physiological functions. I  use a holistic systems-approach with my clients.

Seeing a nutritional therapist may be relevant for you if you are suffering from a chronic (long-term) problem, or even if you are just looking for general support towards eating and feeling better.

It is important to see a suitably qualified (ideally Registered) therapist. I am Registered through the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners; you can find me here on their database: https://theanp.co.uk/Sys/PublicProfile/44592281/4814722



Before a consultation, I send you one of my questionnaires to fill out.


During consultation, we will go over your health history and symptoms, discuss each of your body systems and review your food diary. I gather this information to get a good holistic picture of your health. Our body systems (digestive/neurological/muscular/etc) are interconnected so this holistic systems-approach is the best way to address any issues.

You leave with a personalised nutrition plan, handouts with recipe ideas and a sense of empowerment as you now have the tools to make changes happen. At your follow-ups I will continually review and update your plan as necessary.


I am your supportive mentor in your health and well-being, guiding you to make sustainable changes.