Roshni, Glasgow

"I had the invaluable opportunity to work with Becky as part of a wider health, lifestyle and yoga programme I was undertaking. Her guidance, support and nutritional input was phenomenal to me. Becky took time to understand my diet, lifestyle and barriers to my success. She was very open, approachable and down to earth, which made it easy to be open about my chocolate cravings, caffeine addiction and tendency to resort to junk when busy!

Becky never passed judgement, instead she empowered me to make changes, one step at a time! Nothing felt too big or beyond my control. She also demystified a lot of the fad diets out there, as well as the multitude of vitamins, supplements and powders out there. Becky devised a tailored programme for me, which she reviewed regularly. She also sent me a multitude of amazing recipes which were mostly quick and very easy to follow, which made the transition easy for me to adopt and stick to. She kept in touch regularly and I felt supported as I could call or Email her any time things got too much or I didn’t understand! She reviewed my supplements and products regularly. This meant I was buying and taking only that which I really needed, saving time, money and energy. Becky’s personal consultations were affordable too, and could be done from the comfort of home, via phone or skype, saving travel time and making it easy to fit the programme around work and other commitments. Her knowledge of holistic and allopathic medicine meant there was no disconnect between my work with her and my GPs input, meaning I felt fully supported throughout.

With Becky’s input I got on top of the junk cravings, managed my caffeine intake and made great progress with chronic PMT and candida infection. Lifestyle change is a constant evolution, and my work with Becky is not done! But I know I can approach her any time, and review the diet etc. whenever I need to, and that support gives me the reassurance to keep working, and keep striving forward, even after the Christmas excess!"

Eleni, Edinburgh

"Becky had been my Ashtanga yoga instructor for over a year before I approached her to ask guidance with my nutrition.

My schedule is quite busy and I had been struggling for a while to keep a balanced diet, leading to chronic fatigue and weight gain.

As a nutritionist, Becky is very approachable and friendly and the consultation she provided was personalised, tailored to my personal health history and daily life.

My diet is now balanced, I have enough energy to make it through the day without craving sugar or chocolate anymore! I know what types of foods I should be consuming in moderation and what the healthier options I should be opting for are.

I would recommend Becky to anyone in search of nutrition consultation."



Jane, Edinburgh

"Becky had a friendly and thorough approach to understanding my diet, and contributing lifestyle factors. She advised numerous effective techniques for me to better my routine, and I have really noticed a huge difference in the way I feel. All very positive changes from excellent guidance - Thank you Becky!"